St Kilda And The Outer Islands


The St Kilda archipelago consists of four islands, Hirta, Dun, Soay and Boreray. It is home to many seabirds incuding large colonies of gannets and puffins. It is one of Scotland's few World Heritage Sites and is only one of a handful of such sites in the world receiving its designation for both cultural and natural reasons. It is steeped in history and covered in rare wildlife, including two early breeds of sheep, the Soay and the Boreray.

A trip to St Kilda requires a calm sea-state and a degree of patience. This is why we think that combining a week in the beautiful surroundings of Hamanavay, waiting for a break in the weather while exploring the abundant wildlife, is the most efficient way to try to achieve this once in a life-time trip.

Guests (by arrangement with Sea Trek, with whom the estate works closely) may opt for (depending on availability) a private charter, picking up and dropping off at Hamanavay or (more cheaply) leaving as part of a larger group from Miavaig pier.

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In circumstances where the sea is not calm enough for a trip to St Kilda or guests are feeling less adventurous, a trip along the coast of Lewis looking at sea-eagles, seals, dolphins and hopping from one secluded white sand beach to another is an incredible day.

These inner island trips are conducted using the Sea Trek RIBs which can either be booked for private hire from Hamanavay or (more cheaply) as part of a group from Miavaig peer.

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